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Clear Spore SolutionUpdated 5 months ago

There's a commonly held belief that a "clear" syringe means there's no spores in it. Fortunately that's not true, let's dive into why!

Fungal spores (and other microscopic items) are just that, microscopic!

Spores are ~10um each!

A single spore is around 10μm (above), and the easiest way to compare it is to take a look at a hair off your head! Human hairs average around 70μm (below).

Spores are tiny!

When fungal spores are incorporated into the distilled water we use in our syringes with a stir plate, they get suspended in the solution. Eventually, through a longer term mixing, spores will separate into smaller and smaller bunches, eventually, and ideally being suspended individually in the liquid.

Very well homogenized samples (we like to think, ours!) will have almost no visible clumps. The water may have a slight tint of color depending on the color of the spores suspended in it.

Always shake your syringes before putting them on your slides! This helps keep the solution well suspended and usable for an extended time.

If after learning about spore homogenization you still feel there is an issue with your spore solution density or cleanliness, please send the following to us at this address with the following mandatory criteria.

  1. A picture of 100x or greater magnification of our spore solution.
  2. Your order number.

If this information is unavailable, or impossible to attain, we are happy to issue store credit in half the value of the item in question with a timestamped image of our syringe against a bright light source.

This information is for educational purposes only, please never discuss any aspects of active cultivation or other illegal activities. Our microscopy products are strictly for study use.

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